Impossible Trinity

No it is not about religion. I just thought making impossible trinity as a title is cool. This is a concept of finance, in more specific way, the concept of international monetary policy of a nation.

Relax, we are here not to discuss complicated finance stuffs. It is the logic behind this concept that is interesting to talk about.

Basically,  the impossible trinity is a triangle. On each side of the triangle there is an activity that you do on daily basis. Hence, we have three different activities on each side of the triangle. As a matter of norm, we want to get the three tasks done or fulfill the three different activities. However, we simply cannot do that. The reason may lay in limited resource or time that a person has. Therefore, it is called impossible because we cannot have all the three things together at the same time. We need to sacrifice one in order to have two sides.

If I am not mistaken, 9gag has done this joke before. The joke is about a college student who could have good marks and good social life but will not have good sleep, the second situation is the student could have good marks and good sleep but will not have social life, and lastly the student could have good sleep and good social life but will have bad marks.

That is example impossible trinity in everyday life.

In some cases there might be people who seems can achieve all the three sides. When something like this happen, it means that his/her triangle is not the same as sleep-play-good marks anymore, in this case something else is being sacrificed, maybe things like; love, hobby, or passion.

Currently, my personal triangle is Study-sociallife-involve in organisation. I don’t want to sacrifice my sleep for my activities and I always find my personal time where I can watch YouTube, movie, listen to music or having a cup of tea. So my choice is always between my study, friends or organization. Obviously I must find a time to study because that’s the reason of going to college, and being involved in organization is good for my personal development. The choice is up, I need to sacrifice time with friends.

Be mindful, having less time with friends is not the same as cutting ties, its different.

Hey! look at the good side again. Saved money


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