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Couple weeks ago, I went to get a cupping treatment together with my grandfather. The treatment was done by a professional doctor who altered his course from modern medication to traditional medicines. The session was great and I definitely recommend anyone who read this post to try cupping therapy. The next day, my grandfather insisted to go back to the doctor’s place the to get attentive health examination. We came again to see the doctor, and I was expecting to hear the usual health assessment. But, it turns out I learnt something new, or I should say seeing the real life example of ‘WHY’ concept by Simon Sinek.

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The doctor began his story by telling us about his life experiences before venturing into traditional medicine. He used to work as a private medic in a multinational company which operates in oil industry. From financial perspective, he was at surplus and living the life of almost American dream. But, he was not happy. He started questioning about his life and his deteriorating health. He developed cardiovascular problems and need to check with cardiologist periodically.

The cardiologist told him, “You are not happy. All the stresses accumulated from work affect your health, especially your heart”.

He felt so strange. How come a doctor, someone that people look up to when they fall sick, is actually living an unhealthy lifestyle. His mind just cannot accept that.

He start asking a big question, “Why medical technology and science keep improving each days but healthy people are becoming less and the number of sick people keep increasing?”

He began to discover his own answer, “It is not about the medicine or the technology, it is about us. The way we live is wrong and it affect our health.”

He started looking at other alternatives.

His mind was drawn by traditional medicine, not because it is better nor it is more effective.  But because of the philosophy behind the medication. Modern medicine treated body separately. As if leg, liver, heart, and brain are unrelated. The idea is to treat the sick body part when it is sick. In other words, modern medicine is more on ‘to cure’ than ‘to prevent’. Meanwhile, traditional medicine treat the body as a whole organism. A traditional potion give a better impact to certain parts of our system, but at the same time taking care of other parts of our body as well. The philosophy  behind traditional medicine is to get a healthy lifestyle so that our body won’t fall ill. In other words, traditional medicine is more ‘to prevent’ as compared ‘to cure’.

Our doctor then quit his stable job and start dedicating his life to study traditional medicine and preaching the idea of the importance to taking care of our health.

He focused his study on the effect of human hormones to our health. His biggest take away from his journey is the interrelation between human health and two hormones; Endorphin and Adrenalin.

He said that Endorphin is the hormone that was produced when we are happy, meanwhile Adrenalin is a hormone that is produced when we feel stressed and anxious. Too much adrenaline can make us sick, while Endorphin can make our body feel healthier.  Our body also produce Endorphin when we exercise. It is very important to take care of our environment, making it stress free and peaceful. Making sure our family and relationship are fine and in harmony. By doing so, our body will produce more endorphin and preventing ourselves to fall sick.

Our doctor dedicated his life to teach people the relevance of our body chemical elements to our well being. When he meet a patient he always begin with a good conversation, so that the patient’s body will start producing Endorphin. He always suggest his patients to stick with traditional medication, such as honey, olive oil, dates and etc. He believed that in the long run by using natural medication and leading a happy life, our body will reduce the development of any diseases. He said that Pharmaceutical drugs should only be taken in the case of emergency.

But to me, the most important part is

To see how our doctor’s life had changed when he found his WHY.

His life, in terms of financial, is much different as compared to the time when he was working with the Multinational corporation. However, after changed his life course, our doctor’s steps are much lighter, he laughed and smiled more. He seems so enthusiastic when explaining about living a happy life. He enjoyed his work more than ever. He knew that he is a part of something bigger. A bigger cause as compared to just seeing and curing patients.

Our doctor start with WHY

His WHY is to see more and more people stays healthy, and to see lesser people falling sick.

It is just so amazing to see the real life example of the WHY concept.


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