Stereotype is funny


This writings was inspired by classmates presentation and some random news that I found being shared in Facebook.

It is not aiming to discuss about how to get rid stereotypes or to educate dear readers what and types of stereotypes out there. I assume that dear readers are well versed with ‘stereotypes’ upon reading this post.

What I want to talk here is about the funny or cliche part of ‘we’ as people react to stereotypes, I would like to talk about the other side of it, the same way I talk about life in Life is funny .

So here it is.

We as people, are part of a community, a part of certain gender, a part of certain races, a part of certain religion. In other words, we belong to a certain group. This will led to ‘our bias’ as an individual.

You see, the question is..

When the media -because media is the biggest creator of stereotypes- creates a negative stereotypes toward your community and resulted in other people from other community to judge yourself and your people based on that stereotype.

What is your possible response?

“You moron, that is stereotypes, we are not like that.

“Are you kidding me? you believe what the TV/social media/newspaper said?”

“You gotta be smart my friend, that is the media, you need to see yourself.”

Basically you get piss, you get angry, right? Because you are looking at the unfairness pointed at you.

However, here comes the tricky part.

What if this time the media portray another community other than yours. The portrayal is a negative, fully judgmental, biased and stereotype, but difference this time is another community NOT your community.

This time, what is your possible response?

“Maybe it is true”

“Hmm, what they said is right. I must be more careful now.”

“Yes, I don’t like THOSE people.”


Experience the double standards.


Stereotype is funny.


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