State of Trance

This following excerpt is originally from 2017 A State of Trance stage by Armin Van Buuren. Personally I found this following saying very interesting. Somehow, it gave us the best understanding on what a ‘trance’ is. Well, trance is a state of mind where a person fell into somewhere between conscious and unconscious. Trance is also a state of abstraction.

To get a better picture on what trance is, enjoy the following excerpt.


I had a dream last night, a vision

I saw a world full of people

Everybody was dancing and screaming loud

They were just there to listen to the music

Some even had their eyes closed

Everybody was just smiling

It was deep, it was on the ground


It was magical

It was a happy place

Celebrating music, celebrating life

Men and women free without worry

Then, when I woke up

I realized

I wanna be in that moment

The very essence of my existence

Is looking for that emotion

And when the weekend comes

I live for that energy


You can check the original Armin live at Ultra Music Festival Here

Enjoy the Trance.

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