Snow Tea, Xue Cha

Don’t ask me what it is, I have no idea as well.

I got it from my gf when she went to china last winter. She said it is good for someone who has snoring problem. A habit that I never knew I had.

It is said that the snow tea has a good effect for lungs, and if it is true I would highly recommended to smokers who just recently quit.

You can see more information and get it online from Silkroadteas

Lets take a glimpse on it


The package look just majestic enough with golden Chinese calligraphy and a drawing of tea pot and two cups of tea. It has the emperor feeling when you see the package.


This is a view on top of the package. A golden cover with a calligraphy as well, I think. Apologize if I took the picture upside down, I juts don’t know how to read it.



And this is inside the cover. So it is like gold and silver combined.


This is the first thing that you gonna see when you open the cover. The snow tea.


You gotta see this, It’s beautiful to see the dried leaves. I just love it

I took a bit portion of the leaves and put inside my cup with hot water


I don’t know if it is too little or what. I just afraid if I put the leaves too much it will become bitter. I would sincerely apologize to all tea masters out there for not appreciating such a good tea. Basically, I have no idea to make a tea and this is my first time making tea directly out of the leaves without the bag.

I waited for few minutes then the color started to change


I guess it becomes more look like a tea now. So, it is time to give it a try.

Well, at least in terms of tasting I did learn a bit from the art of sommelier.

We don’t chug this tea like a cowboy. First, appreciate the color, it is green but a bit more into yellow, it is different green with a green tea. It is more into the color of sauvignon blanc. On the nose, it is so mysterious like my first time sensing this smell, and relaxing, it goes all the way through your head and it gives relaxation to the nerves. On palate, it is surprisingly not that bitter, or because I put small amount of the leaves, it has this refreshing notes like a mint grass, after that come the sensation of sweetness of Christmas cake, and it finish with a full coated sensation on your palate.

It was an awesome experience.

I would really loved to drink this tea served by a real tea master.

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