Recipe for Success, questioned

Recently, I found a very interesting concept in the book that I read.

Let me ask a question here:

There are two person who are pursuing the same goal. One person has all the required materials, financial and technical support, and all the strategic connections. Basically this person has everything he need to success, but he missed out something, which turnout to be very important. A motivation beyond money and fame.

Meanwhile, the other guy does not have the privilege of supposed success materials, but he do have something unique, he has a motivation that goes beyond money and fame.

Which one do you think will achieve the success? -it is not a tricky question, it is being proved in history-

The answer is the second guy.

Don’t believe it?

The second guy is the Wright brothers, the inventor of airplane. Meanwhile, the first guy mentioned above is Samuel P. Langley, and probably you never heard of his name.

This writing is inspired by Start with Why by Simon Sinek

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