Self-esteem and Self-actualization

If you are psychology or management student, self-esteem and self-actualization are both something that you had heard of. These two terms appears in Maslow’s Hierarchical of needs, a theory of motivation. Basically it talks about people, motivation to achieve certain things and that some needs take precedence over others. At the bottom of the pyramid, […]


Learn From Ancient World

I am a fan of history, especially the ancient world. From history, we can learn certain reasons behind events that shaped our world today. Another important lesson is that actually we can learn from ancient world and refer it to certain things in today’s modern society. We can use history as our reference in order […]


Coding is the new English

The other day I think about the future, and try to predict what is the next ‘thing’ that a person must have in their skill set. I mean it is important right, to know what’s coming next and prepare yourself before it is too late. Then I come up with some ideas – looking into […]

Definition of success

Definition of success

I remember one of my friend said: “standing on 25th floor on a building I own and proclaim all these land is mine” and another friend told me:”Owning luxury house and sports car”. I asked them on what is your definition of success Again, there is always the perception of success = getting rich. Try […]

Stereotype is funny

This writings was inspired by classmates presentation and some random news that I found being shared in Facebook. It is not aiming to discuss about how to get rid stereotypes or to educate dear readers what and types of stereotypes out there. I assume that dear readers are well versed with ‘stereotypes’ upon reading this […]

Don’t run. Face your problem

I think almost everyday we encounter problems in our life. The problem might be small or big or even in fact there is no real problem, just overthinking. The purpose of this essay is to encourage people not to run but to face their problems. What do I mean by run? You see, there are […]


No politics

  Some people like it, some people talk about it, some people find passion on it, some people craze for it, but I choose to stay away from it. No politics. I am talking about politics. This post is merely an opinion of a humble person. It does not intend to hurt anybody’s pride. It […]