Definition of success

Definition of success

I remember one of my friend said: “standing on 25th floor on a building I own and proclaim all these land is mine” and another friend told me:”Owning luxury house and sports car”. I asked them on what is your definition of success Again, there is always the perception of success = getting rich. Try […]

Stereotype is funny

This writings was inspired by classmates presentation and some random news that I found being shared in Facebook. It is not aiming to discuss about how to get rid stereotypes or to educate dear readers what and types of stereotypes out there. I assume that dear readers are well versed with ‘stereotypes’ upon reading this […]


No politics

  Some people like it, some people talk about it, some people find passion on it, some people craze for it, but I choose to stay away from it. No politics. I am talking about politics. This post is merely an opinion of a humble person. It does not intend to hurt anybody’s pride. It […]


Anger control

One of the most common question we asked ourselves, ‘How to do this anger control things’ Personally, I often received a question, “Are you can’t really get angry?” orĀ  “why I never see you get angry?” Well, I do angry sometimes. Anger is healthy response of our human emotion. Imagine a person completely without anger, […]

Life is funny

Life can be cliche can be weird and can be funny. There is a scenario in real life that I don’t find any words to best describe it. Here is the story In a scenario, there is yourself, your friend and a stranger. Your friend and you had already being friends for a long time […]