Overthinking, the art of creating a problem that never exist


Overthinking is an art. An art of creating a problem that never exist.

It happens a lot, like really, sometimes I feel so tired of it.

Even when listening to a story that actually you can guess the main cause of the problem in that story is overthinking.

Seriously it feels so tired.

Let me be frank here. Whenever you think there is a problem, please please please ask yourself again.

“is it really a problem? or is it just myself?”

Most of the time, here is the scenario.

You feel that there is a problem and you acted according to it, you get angry or sad or whatever, as a result of the problem that actually doesn’t exist. You are being emotional here and most importantly people around you are being affected by your emotions.

After that, you gave some thought nicely and calmly, without being angry or sad, and you realize actually there is no problem to begin with.

You are back to your original mood and happy again.

On the other side, too late, other people had involved, someone get hurt, someone get misunderstood.

Now you gotta clean the mess you cause as a result of overthinking

Isn’t it tiring?

So my point is and it is just my humble personal point of view.

Please don’t create a problem that never exist. Please think carefully before taking action. Don’t let the combustion of emotion take control of yourself. After all, we don’t want to cause any problem for people around us.

Think carefully, think slowly, and make the best decisions.

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