No politics


Some people like it, some people talk about it, some people find passion on it, some people craze for it, but I choose to stay away from it. No politics.

I am talking about politics.

This post is merely an opinion of a humble person. It does not intend to hurt anybody’s pride. It does not mean as a speech of hatred. It’s just a freedom of speech. Right?

I considered myself was young of age when the first time I was exposed to politics. A news on politics obviously not a real life practice. I was 15 years old when I began to read and listen to all these political things. It was a time of my nation presidential election in 2009.

I compare myself to most of my friends who began to read or share interest into politics in 2014 which was another presidential election.

I was 20 then.

During every period of presidential election, many regular people turn into political observer. That is the phenomenon.

Am I right? Back in 2009, I was one, but in 2014, I just don’t care.

The question is why? Why I become ‘just forget politics’ person?

Actually the reason is quite simple, because in politics there is no clear black or white, or evil and good.

There is no such things. All is ‘in between’ or ‘grey’.

Let me explain with example. (Please bear in my mind I don’t want to disclosure country or individual name)

So back in 2009, there were 3 presidential candidates with their own vice-president candidate. They were a couple.

Candidate 1 is  the granddaughter of the founding father of the nation and was a former president, coupled with vice president candidate, a retired general of Elite special army corps, a man who shows high intelligence. Candidate 2 is the current president of the country, a retired general of the national police corps, coupled with current governor of the nation’s central bank. Candidate 3 is the current vice president of the country, a man with so many achievement during his years and loved by local people in my hometown, coupled with a retired general (again) which held the possible highest title of commander of the armed force before retirement, a man with high ranking of leadership but somehow disliked by local people in my hometown for some reason.

Candidate 2 was already tested as a president and not a favorite among intellectual people but having a good popularity within commoners. Candidate 1 was a former president and proven not a good one, and her vice president candidate were not popular among commoners, and people are kinda pinpoint his weaknesses and did not like him. I heard many people talking bla bla bla to this vice president candidate, but personally I think he is a smart guy, I heard him being interviewed once and he is a calculative person in terms of his plan for the nation for next 5 years, he really knew what he is going to do. Candidate 3 was a favorite, many people admire him, he got many achievement, he is intelligent and hard working, he is a businessman which makes people admire his sense of economic. His vice president candidate is from military background and a former commander which makes him capable of dealing with the armed forces of the nation, to prevent overpowered military, because history told us our nation’s military is rather hard to control. Candidate 3 were like the dream team you know.

We straight go to the result….

And candidate 2 won the election and became a president again for the next 5 years. All the temporary political observers become normal again and continue their work again.

Timeskip to 2014

Another presidential election (Dum dum daradum dum – insert Game of Thrones soundtrack)

Only two candidates this year and obviously with their respective vice-president candidate. Actually, there were dramas before we get these two candidates. Those big political party seems confused on who to choose to be candidates for this year. Then come Candidate 2, which I was a little bit surprised that he was a candidate of president since he is legally ‘still’ a governor of the nation’s capital city and he was like only one year in his office and now becoming a president?, first thing that came to my mind was ‘why this man is so ambitious and thirst on power?’. I know that he was so popular though. Then come Candidate 1, the man back in 2009 was a vice-president candidate for candidate 1, in 2009 remember.

I was like only checking some news back then and found out that these two are becoming president, alright I am out. No more politics. Hands up.

Then the vice president candidates come. Candidate 2 choose the man back in 2009 going for election as presidential candidate 3, the favorite among intellectual people, remember? in 2009. Then things are getting interesting here, the same man who was back in 2009 was popular, now turns out to be hated by those people who support him back then because he made a wrong decision by becoming a vice president of candidate 2, they said, I just heard.

Adding more, candidate 1 who was disliked in 2009 turns out to be favorite and supported by group of people that previously supported candidate 3 in 2009.

Interesting right?

I almost forget about candidate 1 vice president, he is an old face in the nation politics scene but I don’t have much information about him.

Eventually candidate 2 wont the election.

So that’s the face of politics that I don’t like. People dislike this man in 2009, then 5 years later turns to be his supporters. People support that man in 2009, then 5 years later talks bad about him. There is no black or white. People choose black today and tomorrow will say white is good.

Sometimes, it become worse, a family would debating which candidate of president is better and forget the harmony of a family for a second

I am just saying to myself. Alright, alright, I am out of this.

Well, I am not trying to convince you or asking you to agree with me. We all have our own view.

For me, there are people out there who do the politics and try to change a nation or a world. While I am here drinking my coffee, try to change myself.

Like a Persian poet said

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself”



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