My personal view on answering the universe

Sounds weird right. I am the one who wrote the essay. What is there to talk about ‘my personal view’ on a writings that I write myself. The writing itself suppose to reflect my view.

But here is the catch.

I tried to be as objective as possible when I write an essay. You know like a university assignment. So, I thought there should be a very subjective voice on how the essay was completed or what is the story behind it. Like a behind the scene of a movie. You know.

I regard answering the universe as my best essay so far. Not an easy piece to complete. It took me one and half month before I could post it. Others, only took a maximum of three weeks to write (with a lot of procrastination).

So the story behind answering the universe:

Somewhere in 2016, I started to pick up reading books as a new hobby. My philosophy on choosing book back then was the cover of the book must looks cool. Because I want to look good when I read it on a bus or a train. My first title was a novel by Haruki Murakami. I straight get hooked up with reading. Just realized that it opened a whole new world.

Finished that book, I began searching for another title. I had this weird habit where I would go to a bookstore inside a mall near my place and just walking around, smelling the smells of papers. Looked around, picking up and read the back of a book. Then browsing the internet on the book review. Keep doing that for many months. I know it’s weird. But somehow it is so relaxing.

I was stuck with this title called ‘The Alchemist’ written by Paulo Coelho.

Like, The Alchemist? Fullmetal Alchemist, you know the Japanese Anime. If you haven’t watch it, you should.

I searched for the review of the book.

Great! Alright, my next title.

I am a slow reader. But, as soon as I started reading The Alchemist, I did not want to stop. It is a short book actually. If you have been reading books for so many years. You can finish it within a Sunday afternoon.

I need to savor the reading experience, so I read it carefully and slowly.

The message from The Alchemist was so strong. It stuck with me even until today. It changed me on how I see the world around. Pledged to myself that I am going to read The Alchemist again after five or ten years. I want to reflect where am I at my journey. I gave the book to someone I love.

But then I never thought to write something related to The Alchemist, because I just want to keep it for myself.

If you look at my older stuffs, you would find many random writings. From the book that I read at that point of time, to a juice bar that I’d love to go, to my history assignments, or even Armin Van Buuren openings at a state of trance. Just random.

I struggled to find something to write. Every month filled with brainstorming.


Then comes a time, The Alchemist resonates more than before. I sort of internalize and interpret the message to my own understanding. Make it as my own. It was then that I had the idea of writing it.

But I was scared to write. Scared if I ever write it, I won’t have anything else to write in the future.

At that time, I was reading Malcolm Gladwell’s David and Goliath. I kept using Malcolm’s work to stay floating. To Write something out of a chapter from his book. It was pathetic.

Then, I found myself had no clue on what to write next. Almost giving up

Having no choice I said, let’s write it.

The archetype of this concept is called “discovering your personal legend” made popular by Paulo Coelho in The Alchemist. I made my own title – ‘ Answering the Universe ‘.

The whole experience of writing it was so mesmerizing. Everything felt so vivid. I never knew such thing existed within the realm of writings. Like the feeling cannot be replicated again. It’s better than sex I guess.

If I ever to break it down how I wrote it.

I just sat with my laptop, opened my WordPress admin and start writing it. Finished it in one go. I did not have to do research (something that I always do) nor do I opened any books as reference. It is more like expressing something that have been inside myself. But the strange part is, I did not write it from my experience.

Yes, it is from me but it is not part of me.

Then the best part is-

It took one and half month to revising and editing ‘answering the universe’. But soon after it is published, other ideas started to pouring in.

I have written Ingvar Kamprad, The Minimalists, Linda Liukas, and Christian Von Koenigsegg as a series after answering the universe. The first initial essay was intended to explain what the concept is all about. Then, the essays that describe these individuals serves as the ‘examples’ of the concept.

I don’t know if I have done justice to them. But I want to credit Malcolm Gladwell for the inspiration. It’s Malcolm’s style. If you notice short sentences in my writings, it is all thanks to Simon Sinek.

In the future, I would revisit the concept of answering the universe again. Try to explore it from different angles. Raise some questions and try to find the answer. I hope you all don’t get bored.



Thank you for showing love to lazygoing



At the time of writing, I read Haruki Murakami’s South of the Border, West of the Sun. While captivated by Ludovico Einaudi’s in un’altra vita 

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