Life is funny


Life can be cliche can be weird and can be funny. There is a scenario in real life that I don’t find any words to best describe it.

Here is the story

In a scenario, there is yourself, your friend and a stranger.

Your friend and you had already being friends for a long time

Later on, your friend meet a stranger.

And the story begin…

Both of you, have something that damage your friendship, either maybe you are fighting or arguing or any dispute. However, you still more than willing to help your friend, because after all your friend is your friend, right?.

For example, baking a cake for her. Nonetheless, you would sincerely baked a cupcake nice and sweet and give it to her. Like really you still care for her. She is your friend.

Then come the painful part.

When you give the cake to her.

What is her response? “thank you but I don’t need your help” or “thanks for your effort but I don’t need it” or worse yet, she might throw it.

Have you, dear readers, experience this kind of situation.

Our story goes on

And the stranger come,.

The stranger came and pick the same cupcake you baked and give it to your friend. The very same cupcake you make or (to make it less painful) the stranger baked a cupcake with the same recipe as you did.

What makes it interesting is your friend response is different

She gonna say, “Thank you, you are so sweet” , “Thank you so much, how did you know I really want a cupcake”,

This is a scenario where our kindness is being rejected and someone else kindness is accepted,

Life is funny

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