Juicy Fresh Juice Bar

One of my recent addiction is this newly open fresh juice outlet from Korea, Juicy fresh Juice Bar. I heard that the brand is so popular in its home country and if you have a chance to travel to Seoul, you will see people walking around with red carton covered plastic cup. I tried their juice not long ago and since then I almost come to their outlet everyday.


There are many other brands that has established their outlets here in Malaysia. Honestly speaking I never been a fan of any Juice outlets and the reason is because they offered a complicated juice!

I mean whenever I went to other outlets, they have this range of menu and they put a ‘name’ on top of it and list down the variety of fruits mixed in the juice. To me it is so complicated that whenever I tried to order a juice I need to see what fruits are they putting inside.

I think that’s the reason why I love Juicy Fresh Juice Bar. Their menu is more straight forward, it is either single juice or double juice. Much easier for me to order. Also, the price ranging from as low as RM 6 to RM 13 is another good point.


My personal favorite is Choco banana milk and banana milk, if you are into fresh juices I recommend green apple or green grapes.

Almost forget to mention, one thing I also like about this place is whenever you came they will greet you cheerfully in Korean! I think one of the manager in the outlet is Korean himself.

Enjoy the juice!

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