Halal Chicken Rice At Malacca, Ee Ji Ban


I found this halal chicken rice during my last trip in Malacca (Melaka)

The name of the shop is Ee Ji Ban and located in Jalan Melaka Raya. You can walk from Jonker street but it is quite a distance.

The owner is a very nice guy and I promised him to put his shop in my blog, but it was last month. Sorry Uncle.

Malacca is famous for its chicken rice balls and there are so many shops available in the city with each has its own fans, but then for Muslims (people who follow Islamic faith), the Halal status become the main concern because most of chicken rice shops offer non-halal dishes as well.

Ee Ji Ban stands out as one of the (or only) Halal Chicken rice shops in Malacca.


The shop passes Halal test by Malaysian Authority


The signature Malacca Chicken Rice Ball


Excuse me with my photography skill.

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