The future of humanity

The other day I had a very exciting discussion with my brother. It all began with “Imagination is more important than knowledge” quote by Albert Einstein. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand. My brother and I just let loose our wildest imagination while trying to stay within contemporary science and technology development. Our discussion was one dimensional, meaning we are not trying to cover all the things that can happen in the future. Our conversation only went to a single direction. And both of us concluded that our future is : Space.

It all started when talked about our growing population and the destruction of nature caused by ourselves. As our population grows, we need food to survive and land to live, but at the same time we are destroying our nature that provide us all the resources needed. If there is going to be more people than the foods to live, famine will be inevitable.

You have heard this at least once in your life, that the elites of the world are conspiring to reduce the earth population through means such as virus, chemical substances, war, and many others. You probably had watched a movie Kingsman: the secret service, where the plot talks about an ambitious billionaire that has a program to make everyone on earth killing each other. His objective was to reduce human population in order to save planet earth and he handpicked the elites that are worthy to survive in the new world.

Consider this excerpt from Kingsman:

Human is like a virus and our earth is like human body. When human body get a virus, it gets a fever. That is the body raising its temperature to kill the virus. Planet earth works the same way, climate change is the fever and mankind is the virus. We are making our planet sick. If we don’t reduce our population ourselves, there is only two ways this way can go, the host kill the virus or the virus kill the host. The result is the same, the virus dies.

I told this to my brother and he also pictured the same thing. He imagined that all the land will get intoxicated to the point that no corps can grow. No more blue sky and blue ocean, all polluted. The world is in hunger.

We continued with the current development and the direction humans are heading to, we agreed that we as a human species need to go to outer space and become a multi-planetary species.

Sounds crazy? I don’t think so.

We see mankind landed on the moon as a result of the space war between Soviet Union and the United States. Forget the cold war era, because we are looking at the new space war between billionaires on earth.

Here is a data by Bloomberg that shows billionaires that have investment in space industry



Ever since the dawn of time human being are meant to be pioneers and explorers. Mankind was born on earth but it was never meant to die here. Like the movie Interstellar said, “The answer lies above us”.

We don’t want to wait until our planet earth become an unlivable home for us. We need to stop damaging her and look into other ways of living. If you ask me what the space can offer us, my answer would be I don’t know yet. But, I believe someone else might have the answer. Maybe you can consider this infographic.



Pablo Picasso once said, “Everything that you can imagine is real” or more likely “Everything that human can imagine is a possibility in reality”.

Maybe I am so way off. Maybe you need something more reliable.

Sure you can check futuristic books written by physicist Michio Kaku

Or his phenomenal Future of humanity book


At least I am not alone in talking the future of humanity. If you are agree with me, don’t forget to share this post.

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