Don’t run. Face your problem


I think almost everyday we encounter problems in our life. The problem might be small or big or even in fact there is no real problem, just overthinking.

The purpose of this essay is to encourage people not to run but to face their problems.

What do I mean by run? You see, there are some unhealthy temporary ways to escape, such as: Drugs and alcohol.

You see, when people got a problem they would drown themselves in alcohol in order to forget, to run. Obviously, this habit will lead you into alcoholism and get yourself ruined, even to extent on people around you i.e. family.

You see, another method is drugs. People get problems or emo and want to feel happy. In more coward way, will run to drugs. Obviously, drugs are getting worse, addiction, getting broke, overdose,  and many things are being associated with drugs. Yes you can fly but sooner you fly to another world.

People will have different arguments and opinion, but your own self will choose what you gonna believe.

Now it is time to face your problem, not run.

Whenever life hits you, rest awhile, take a nap and you gonna have new energy to work a solution on it or you can go play sports and get hype then use the spirit and energy you get to work on your problems. There are lot of ways to recharge yourself and make you feel energetic. It will clear your mind and your sight, so you would have better decision making.

Run away does not solve problem, it creates more problems.

Always think positive.


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