Definition of success

Definition of success

I remember one of my friend said: “standing on 25th floor on a building I own and proclaim all these land is mine” and another friend told me:”Owning luxury house and sports car”.

I asked them on what is your definition of success

Again, there is always the perception of success = getting rich.

Try to close your eyes and picture  “Success”

What do you see?

A big house, cars, money, travel around the world in yacht, expensive bags, luxury accessories.

American dream it is.

Why we start projecting the image of rich into success?

I have seen people work their ass off since their youth, not because they are bond to support their family financially nor because they did not have money at all, because they want to pursue “success” as early as possible. We are all racing to the finish line of success and we have this assumption that ‘who start first will finish first’.


Have we ever considered:

How many people out there thinking success is standing on 25th floor and saying “this is my land”? a lot right.

and how many people do you think will make it?

A few, maybe 5 people, maybe less

What about something more important like health, passion, family, community, and society.

When we thought success = rich

Have we consider; living life in peace, achieving childhood dream, and personal growth are also ‘a success’.

Sometimes we need to change the equation from “How much I get” to  “How much I give”

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