Coding is the New English

The other day I think about the future, and try to predict what is the next ‘thing’ a person must have in their skill set. I mean it is important right, to know what’s coming next and prepare yourself before it is too late to board the ship. Then I come up with some ideas – looking into the past and learn from there.

A bit of background of this thought,

I realized, there are still many people in my hometown who still can’t speak English and people who don’t know how to use computer. It’s 21st century we are talking about. Well, some might argue that this condition resulted from poverty and low-educational background, which is problems a government must solve. However, if people always waiting for government incentives, what good can it brings. Individuals need to stand by themselves to make some changes on their life.


Look into past to learn for the future

Use ‘requirement to speak English’ as an example, I looked  into my grandfather’s time, imagine 1960s and 1970s living in a small city with less contact to international world. Not many people urge themselves to learn English at that time, since they don’t see the value of it. Then come my father’s time, where globalization start to take place in late 1980s and early 1990s. People start to realize they ‘should’ be able to speak English. Some people will take extra language classes or going abroad to study, while at the same time there were people who failed to realize the value of learning second language at that time (i.e. my father).

Then come my time, I remember getting many pushes from my parents to learn English in middle school. They said, you ‘must’ learn it. See the shift from their time ‘should’ into my time ‘must’. I believed it happened in 2007 or 2008 which means almost 10 years ago. Then globalization developed so fast until today. Now, in 2016-2017 everyone is talking about learning ‘ a third language’ whether Mandarin, French, Spanish or others. I am lucky enough learning Turkish during my high school day. So basically, I have three languages in my portfolio.

Then I try to picture a future world, what is the new thing that is so important that the next generation ‘must’ have in their skill set, which means that myself and my generation ‘should’ learn before it is too late.

I believe in Coding or programming language. 

I have seen some small trends for kids to learn basic coding in fun ways starting from as early as 6 years old! It’s almost the same age as to start reading. Maybe, the next generation will see us who don’t know how to code as illiterate people.

let me know if you share the same thought! Happy start learning coding!


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