Start with Why by Simon Sinek

Obviously, I just finished this book last night. Start with why is not the first book that I read, but it is going to be the first book that I write here in my blog, simply because the idea really resonates with me. If you never came across with the work of Simon Sinek and […]

Minimalism: The Idea

I always love to explore new and unknown ideas. Different ideas can contribute to your own life and create a unique color of experience. At least that’s what happened to me. One of the notion that I came across and became part of my life ever since, is minimalism. Here, I would not talk about […]


Recipe for Success, questioned

Recently, I found a very interesting concept in the book that I read. Let me ask a question here: There are two person who are pursuing the same goal. One person has all the required materials, financial and technical support, and all the strategic connections. Basically this person has everything he need to success, but […]

Novelty is not innovation

I found this very sound understanding with the¬†Innovative Business¬†post I wrote before. It was Simon Sinek the author of ‘Start with Why’, when he pointed out the same misconception that almost every businesses experienced. The misconception between innovation and just another new idea. Mr Sinek called it novelty -well, that’s a good word to distinguish […]

Juicy Fresh Juice Bar

One of my recent addiction is this newly open fresh juice outlet from Korea, Juicy fresh Juice Bar. I heard that the brand is so popular in its home country and if you have a chance to travel to Seoul, you will see people walking around with red carton covered plastic cup. I tried their […]


State of Trance

This following excerpt is originally from 2017 A State of Trance stage by Armin Van Buuren. Personally I found this following saying very interesting. Somehow, it gave us the best understanding on what a ‘trance’ is. Well, trance is a state of mind where a person fell into somewhere between conscious and unconscious. Trance is […]

Entrepreneurship: a noble concept

The idea of entrepreneurship is not merely establishing a business. It is a noble concept that benefit the whole society. The definition of Entrepreneurship is the process of establishing a new business. This process includes designing, launching and running the newly emerged startup. Entrepreneurship also identified by offering product or service for sale or hire. […]

Empathy and Compassion simulation

Recently I was invited to a leadership workshop and one of the activity held was an empathy and compassion simulation that help participant to understand The definition of empathy itself is the ability to feel and understand what another person is experiencing from the other person frame of reference. One quote to explain empathy is […]