State of Trance

This following excerpt is originally from 2017 A State of Trance stage by Armin Van Buuren. Personally I found this following saying very interesting. Somehow, it gave us the best understanding on what a ‘trance’ is. Well, trance is a state of mind where a person fell into somewhere between conscious and unconscious. Trance is […]

Entrepreneurship: a noble concept

The idea of entrepreneurship is not merely establishing a business. It is a noble concept that benefit the whole society. The definition of Entrepreneurship is the process of establishing a new business. This process includes designing, launching and running the newly emerged startup. Entrepreneurship also identified by offering product or service for sale or hire. […]

Empathy and Compassion simulation

Recently I was invited to a leadership workshop and one of the activity held was an empathy and compassion simulation that help participant to understand The definition of empathy itself is the ability to feel and understand what another person is experiencing from the other person frame of reference. One quote to explain empathy is […]

Rumi: The Alchemy of Love

I have always admired the works of Hz. Mevlana Jelaleddin Rumi, the Persian Sufi and Islamic scholar.   You come to us from another world “”” From beyond the stars and void of space Transcendent, pure, of unimaginable beauty Bringing with you the essence of love “””” You transform all who are touched by you […]


4 Ethical Principles in Business

These 4 ethical principles in business frequently ignored by the mainstream business textbooks. DISCLAIMER : This is an essay written  as part of my university coursework. Referencing this blog is  NOT recommended. If you are writing for an academic purpose please refer to the original authors in the reference list. These concepts were proposed in […]


Japan Postwar Economic Miracle

DISCLAIMER : Referencing this blog is highly NOT recommended. If you are writing for an academic purpose please refer to the original authors in the reference list.            Japanese economy was devastated following the defeat of the country in World War II. Human casualties, high unemployment rate, demolished industrial complexes, payment […]


Innovative Business

Innovative business come into prominence in April 2010, when the world witnessed one of the best invention ever made. Steve Jobs introduced iPad, a device between a phone and a personal computer that changed the market. There is no such thing called the ‘tablet’ computer before. iPad defined the market. Three years before iPad, Steve […]


Self-esteem and Self-actualization

If you are psychology or management student, self-esteem and self-actualization are both something that you had heard of. These two terms appears in Maslow’s Hierarchical of needs, a theory of motivation. Basically it talks about people, motivation to achieve certain things and that some needs take precedence over others. At the bottom of the pyramid, […]