Anger control


One of the most common question we asked ourselves, ‘How to do this anger control things’


I often received a question, “Are you can’t really get angry?” or  “why I never see you get angry?”

Well, I do angry sometimes.

Anger is healthy response of our human emotion. Imagine a person completely without anger, isn’t that person emotionless?

Here is the thing, it is not about no anger but it is about ‘the control’.

Back to myself

Why do I get a question on being cant angry?

I think its because I never shown my angry self nor my furious-hot-exploding-red-eruption face to people around myself.

So do I really have no anger?.

Obviously not.

In fact I am a hot tempered guy and I got it from my dad. Thanks dad!

So how come?

Speaking in general, when being faced with something that triggers their anger, people will just release it to the surface, some might express it with an explosion of shout and loud voice or some might just giving a shit face and talk bad from behind.

There is a destructive effect when you took an action under the control of an anger. For example, taking a drastic action, say something you didn’t mean and hurt your friend’s feeling, or creating a bad image of yourself in public.

But what if we take a 5 minute, just 5 minute, to think straight without involving our emotion.

We hold it!.  That’s the keyword.

“Hold the anger and keep it deep. It is not easy but worth of trying.”

After that, channel those anger into something more beneficial, like going to gym, taking a martial art class, or do some sports.

In case those activities are not accessible, you can do simple things like; take a simple walk around, listen to music (but don’t listen to mellow ones), or buy a drink (because a drink can cool you down).

Most importantly you need to look at the good effect; no drastic action, nobody get hurt, and keep your public image

The control is not something that we can immediately achieve.

Sometimes we have to wrestle with our own self.

It will take times to master anger control, but once we master it, we are achieving emotional stability.

That’s make us strong.

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