A Pie Thing


I am telling you here and honestly, I am not a dessert person, I mean a dessert is not really my thing.

I was brought here by the same friend who always drag me to Dish Wood Dew, if you haven’t see the previous post you can click here. This time there was another friend who came with us.

So when I came inside and looked at the pie menus, I thought, ‘okay so this is it, I gonna finish this fast’ but it turns out to be completely wrong.

Based on my friend recommendation, we order only two and share the pies. We decided to have Peanut butter brownie pie and smores pie. I have no idea what are those.

Here is the look


This is smores.

I don’t have any clue why they took this name until I saw the pie and I think they took it from S’more which is a slang/shortened version of ‘some more’. A S’more is a traditional campfire treat popular in the United States and Canada, consisting of fire roasted marshmallow and a layer of chocolate sandwich between two crackers. When you look at the pie, it will make sense. A chocolate cream, perhaps a nutella (maybe?) and roasted marshmallow on top.

Another pie is peanut butter chocolate brownie


Nothing much to explain, you can see it already from the picture. A pie with dark chocolate sauce mixed with peanut butter combined with chocolate brownie pieces and extra peanut to add more crunchiness. Well, in short, ‘Warning Diabetes’.

Then come the part that I hate most. It’s time to take picture!

I feel okay if we take some pictures before we taste the pie, like 2-3 pictures maybe. I know the pies are cute, but when your friends are girls, then it will take up to 15-20 minutes to get the ‘most perfect picture’ out of dozen pictures taken. Okay, I waited for them.

Then come the tasting.

Smores is so nice, you can really taste the chewiness of the marshmallow and I think this idea of pie is great. Then the peanut butter chocolate brownie is also good, just a bit too sweet. After couple of bites, I can feel its already too sweet on my tasting buds. It’s not like what I thought before. So, please don’t think to finish these pies fast and make sure to order something to drink.

A pie thing

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