5 Entrepreneurs you must follow on Instagram

By entrepreneur, I mean real entrepreneur, not those Instagram celebrity that sells product online and not those RKOIs CEO wannabee. This list contains the familiar names of the business world, so no tricks here. The motivation behind this post to learn from these people, since their Instagram is managed personally by themselves. These billionaires do not come to social media to prove how rich they are and that’s just set the difference between the ‘real billionaire’ and ‘wannabees’.

Here is the list:

1- Richard Branson


The man behind Virgin group that controls more than 400 companies does not require other introduction. Sir Richard dropped high school due to his dyslexia and started his first venture called student magazine and followed by Virgin records. He is like the ‘original’ model of an entrepreneur.  My favorite tale from his journey is when he decided to enter airline industry and went toe-to-toe with the more sophisticated British Airways. In Instagram, he shares his thoughts and views, and his pictures that represent his unique personality. He also created ‘Richard’s A-to-Z business’ short video series where he talks about his business perks that goes beyond the orthodox business school approach.

“My school report told a sad story. Should I have paid it too much attention, I would never tried to achieve or succeed. If you do what you love and what you are naturally good at, it will take you far in life.”

“Never mind the bollocks, do not let others define you. Keep working for what you believe in. Do not give up”

– Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson


2- Bill Gates


Late comer to the world of Instagram, the Microsoft founder posted his first post with “Hello from Tanzania, Instagram”. Bill is shown having a good lunch with school kids in Muheza, Tanzania. My personal takes from Gates is that he never stopped. Bill Gates had changed the world with Microsoft. He made computers accessible for the common people like you and me, at a time where computer only accessible to corporation, tech geeks and academics.

Although his days in Microsoft is over, he continue to make our world a better place through his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He wanted to combat infectious disease and initiated then funded the world’s first Malaria vaccine. By the time of writing this article, Bill only got 5 Instagram post include birthday wish to his beloved wife, ready to watch solar eclipse, a school teacher in Washington state, and a weird picture where he willingly let mosquitoes bite and drink his blood. We wish long life for Bill and his cause to change the world.

“Don’t compare yourself with anyone in this world. If you do so, you are insulting yourself”

– William Henry ‘Bill’ Gates III


3- Elon Musk


The closest thing that this world has for the fictional character – Iron Man. The tech billionaire who  enable people to dream again to reach Mars 48 years after moon landing. Elon redefine space travel with SpaceX, before him, the space industry is only available to government. He re-branded electric cars with Tesla Inc. from previously treated as laughingstock of the auto industry to the new spotlight. He made perfect combination for the future of solar energy by merging SolarCity which provide solar utility with Tesla’s batteries. His Instagram profile look like a Hollywood sci-fi movie set. You will see rockets, space, and Mars.

Elon is the guy that tries to blend Sci-fi to reality. He is my favorite entrepreneur when it comes to make the impossible ‘possible’. Looking at his hustle, former CEO of Twitter once said, “Elon might be the prove that time travel does exist, he seems to have more hour in a day than the rest of us have or simply he is from the future”. Honestly, he got a point there.

“The first step is to establish that something is possible; then probability will occur. When something is important enough, you do it even the outcome is failure”

– Elon Reeve Musk


4- Mark Zuckerberg


The billionaire boy,  plain grey t-shirt, hoodies, the founder of Facebook and the youngest person to be named Person of the Year by Time Magazine. He is the guy who create a sensation by becoming millionaire at the age of 22 and earned his first billion one year later. Facebook connect almost everyone in this planet in which you and I are using. On his account, he shared his activities such as new Oculus Rift development, throwback to his Facebook launch presentation where he presented with slippers, his two months paternity leave on welcoming their new daughter, and Aquila – a solar powered airplane that will beam internet connectivity across the world.

One part that I like most from his Instagram is when he posted a change in Facebook’s mission statement. Previously, Facebook’s mission is to connect the world and then they realized that even though we are connected, our society still divided. Hence, the new mission is to ‘Bring the world closer together’.

Btw, Instagram is owned by Facebook.

“As millennials, finding purpose isnt enough. The challenge for our generation is to create a world where every single person has a sense of purpose. That’s the key to true happiness, and the only way we’ll keep our society moving forward.”

– Mark Elliot Zuckerberg


5- Virgin Startup


It is not an entrepreneur by mean ‘a person’. Virgin startup is a non-for-profit organisation wing of Virgin group that help entrepreneurs in England and Scotland with funding & advice to make their business ideas become a reality. The best thing you can get by following Virgin startup is you get to know what’s new out there. From their post you can learn about new product and you get to know the account of these new entrepreneur that you can follow. So it will grow your network of entrepreneurs!

True to the nature of Virgin group which emphasize on ‘doing business must be fun’, Virgin startup highly invested on companies that offer unique products. From coffee brewing alarm clock to British sparkling spring water infused with wonky cucumbers. Also, they have this competition called Virgin Startup’s Foodpreneur competition. If you happen to be in England or Scotland, make sure do not miss the chance.


Keep learning and keep working.

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