Iceland’s Renewable Energy Model

DISCLAIMER : Don’t make reference to this blog. If you are writing for an academic purpose please refer to the original authors in citations. The land of ice and fire. The isolated land in the middle of nowhere. The Nest of the Giants. A place that sees 22 hours of light in the summer and […]

My personal view on answering the universe

Sounds weird right. I am the one who wrote the essay. What is there to talk about ‘my personal view’ on a writings that I write myself. The writing itself suppose to reflect my view. But here is the catch. I tried to be as objective as possible when I write an essay. You know […]


Christian Von Koenigsegg

Christian Von Koenigsegg stood tall, bald, and he is bold. He is a man and his dream. Koenigsegg lived up the saying, “In dreams and visions lies the greatest creation of man”. When we were kids, we did have a dream on what we wanted to become when we grow up, but then we shed […]

Linda Liukas

What if you are a girl who has ‘way too many children’s books’? What if at the same time you shown interest in making website and coding? Regularly, those two interest fated not to blend together. Yet, Linda Liukas has the gift to combine playfulness in children’s book and translate it into the world of […]

The Minimalists

The Minimalists is a pen name of two childhood friends, Joshua Fields Milburn and Ryan Nicodemus who write about living a meaningful life. When they started in 2011, only 52 people visited their website in the first month. Today, they have helped 20 million people living deliberate life with less through their website, books, podcasts, […]

Ingvar Kamprad

I decided to explore more onto the concept of answering the universe. The concept heavily borrowed from Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist, but I feel like there is something different to be found that is unique to my own observation. After all, it is fun to explore ideas and write about it. I have been trying to […]


Answering the universe

The word universe is metaphoric . It can represent God, gods, karma, life, gut, destiny or whatever you choose to believe in. The universe represent the divine force or the unseen or the power of luck. I choose the word ‘universe’ so that everyone can relate to it, no matter what their religious belief is […]